Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Polytechnic College

Education is the light that saves men and women from the darkness of ignorance and no human being can survive properly without education. Education gives an identity to every human being and helps an individual grab any opportunity leading to progress. As the old saying goes," Knowledge is Power".
One of the best options available to students in India after completing their class 10 is a polytechnic education. A diploma in any branch of engineering is a three year program and covers all the basic science subjects in the first year to ensure that a strong foundation in fundamentals is laid. Applied engineering and technology are also covered in the later semesters and some inter-disciplinary subjects are also included to get an all round idea of the specific engineering field chosen and its relation with other areas. Technical education is also imparted and this ensures that polytechnic graduates are skilled and industry ready. Even though one starts with hands on operation, a polytechnic engineering graduate has a good advantage in career progress due to his flexibility. Supervisory roles are abundant for polytechnic graduates and the pay package is also equally enticing.
Apart from job opportunities, the big advantage for polytechnic graduates is the direct admission into the second year of engineering colleges. This saves lot of time is a hassle free option since there is usually no entrance exam for admission. Thus polytechnics are a fantastic option since it offers good job opportunities at the age of 19 years on completion and also gives the option for higher studies in a very cost effective manner.
India is growing at a rapid rate and is transforming itself into a business and manufacturing hub for the world. With stiff competition from China, it is only our skill and talent that will guide us in becoming a superpower and polytechnic education plays a vital role in the scheme of things.
The Indian government has realized that while there is no dearth of youth and manpower in India, it is the skill set of the work force that needs to be developed. Hence they have planned to set up over 1000 polytechnic college all over the country to develop technically skilled manpower.
Some of the courses offered by polytechnics include
• Diploma in civil engineering 
• Diploma in mechanical engineering 
• Diploma in electrical and electronics engineering 
• Diploma in electronics and communication engineering 
• Diploma in computer engineering 
• Diploma in automobile technology 
• Diploma in information technology

The colleges usually possess spacious lecture halls and drawing halls, fully equipped labs and workshops. A library with a huge collection of books on different headings satisfies the reference needs of students and a well maintained play ground is provided for recreational and sports activities to ensure holistic development of students.
The main motto of any polytechnic college must be to enlighten the students from rural areas and poor backgrounds and uplift their families by providing education and employment opportunities. Students with a good record in sports should also be admitted and fee concessions are provided for them.
With sustained determination and continued hard work, surely the sky is the limit for a good polytechnic to contribute to national growth and become an institute of excellence.

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